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Home Sweet Home…Now What?

We are back! Actually, we have been back in the states for a little over a month now, but it’s been nonstop go-go-go. Honestly, it feels a little surreal to be back in Brooksville, Florida….definitely a good feeling though. So let me catch you up on what have been doing since we left New Zealand!

Michael and I finished our employment at the end of September with the Dairy Farm (Michael) and The Green Room Cafe (me). We both learned heaps in each of our respective jobs and will miss the people we worked with.

On Oct 3, after packing up our suitcases, we embarked on our 9 day road trip through the South Island to see what we missed. I will have to post some of our road trip pictures on a separate post because there are literally enough to crash the internet…

Once we said our goodbyes to all our new friends, we flew out of Invercargill to Christchurch, then on to Auckland, and caught our International flight from Auckland to Houston. That was Friday, October 13 and we landed in Houston about 10 minutes later on the same day. Time travel is fun! We spent a few days in Houston catching up with one of Michael’s older brothers and his family, plus it was our “jet lag recovery” location. It turned out, we hardly had any jet lag at all! There was one night we were awake at 2am Houston time, but we fell back asleep and were fully functioning human beings from then on. Knowing we survived 16 hours of fly time makes international travel a little less daunting for the future. A real treat was checking out the NASA Space Center in Houston. We would love to go back and see what we missed because it’s hard to see it all in just one day.

After Houston, we flew to Ohio to catch up with my family and friends. We made sure to stop back in to see our friends in the Kenton congregation, but it’s never a long enough visit to be satisfied when we are in Ohio! Who knows….one day we may finally get sick of Florida and move north.While we were in Ohio, we spent a day at the Circleville Pumpkin Festival with family. I’ve always wanted to take Michael there and he was impressed at how many pumpkin-flavored foods there were. Way more than just pumpkin-spiced lattes! Our favorite were the donuts, which we made sure to get early because later in the afternoon the line for donuts was down the street!

We flew back to Florida on Saturday, Oct 28 and the next day was our Circuit Assembly in Plant City. So glad we didn’t miss it! Not only did we enjoy a ‘spiritual banquet’ but it was a way for us to catch up with our friends from multiple congregations.

Then, after only being home for less than two weeks, we took off again for a 7 day trip to New York to see our good friend Robert in Patterson, NY. What was really insane was that on our way up to the dining room at the Patterson Bethel, we bumped into a friend from Auckland NZ who was also in NY visiting! We literally had not seen her since last October when we were in Auckland just starting our adventure. Definitely a nice surprise to catch up and give her a big hug!

What a nice surprise! Xairah and Me

So for now, we are back home (for good this time) and happy to be settled back into our congregation here in Brooksville, FL. Focusing on our ministry and reaching out to people in our community is our main priority, but we are also diligently job hunting and sending out or resumes…along with a few prayers!

Excited for the next step, whatever it may be for us. We have a couple of business ideas up our sleeve that we may explore as a way to work for ourselves…but it’s slightly terrifying to take that leap. Sometimes too many choices is a bad thing, but as long as we put in the effort along with a little bit of faith and a lot of trust in God, we know He will shine some light on the way He wants us to go. We just have to be sure we are paying attention!

Thanks for reading!

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