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Kiwi Talkin’ and Middle Earth Walkin’

I realized today that we have approximately 3 months and 2 weeks left here in New Zealand! The 8 months we have spent here has flown by and I’m not looking forward to when our time comes to leave this place. It has been amazing to think back to all the things we have experienced so far, the breath-taking landscapes we have seen, and all the new life-long friends we have made. At least we still have a few more months to enjoy. We know our parents are eager to have us back in the same time zone, and it has been wonderful to Skype and Facetime with them. Michael’s parents even sent us a care package with yummy hot chocolate packets to get us through the winter 🙂 It will still be very difficult to leave this place…Michael will have to drag me onto the plane.

Hot Chocolate for daaaayyyyssss

In the time we have been here we have picked up some new words and lingo. We will probably utter a few of these phrases or words when we come home, so to prepare yourselves, I’ve compiled a list so you can interpret and speak “Kiwi.” You’re welcome 🙂

Kiwi – common term for New Zealanders; a green fuzzy fruit; the native flightless bird of NZ
“She’ll be right” – It’s ok/No problem
“Sweet As” – Really cool; adding “As” to the end of a word emphasizes the meaning. “It was cold as out there, make sure to wear a jacket.”
“Ta” or “Cheers” – Short version of Thank You
“Choice” – means awesome, cool, great, or thanks
“Yeah…nah” – A nice vague way of saying “no”
“Brah” – Brother/Good friend
“Cuz/Cuzzie” – Same as Brah
“Wop-Wops” – in the middle of nowhere; “We were tramping out in the wop-wops”
“Do you want a cuppa” – short for “a cup of tea/coffee”
Jandals – Flip-flops/Sandals
Togs – Swimsuit
Long Drop – A primitive toilet we experienced while tent camping in NZ. Very primitive.
Dairy – Another name for a convenient store
Chips – French Fries, as in “fish n chips”
Tomato Sauce – Ketchup
Biscuit – Cookie
Lollies – Candy
Pavlova – a delicious, giant meringue dessert commonly topped off with whipped cream and fruit. Australians and New Zealanders dispute who started the traditional dessert, but all I know is that it’s amazing.
Capsicum – Bell Peppers
Chilly Bin – ice cooler
Tramping – hiking
Gumboots – Wellingtons/rubber boots; a staple of every New Zealanders wardrobe
Takeaway – Fastfood
Bach – Pronounced “batch”, refers to a vacation home

I’m sure we will learn a few more before October arrives. Unfortunately, a Kiwi accent has not been as easy to learn. Fun fact: A sure way to distinguish between an Aussie accent and a Kiwi accent is to have them say “fish n chips.An Aussie will say “feesh n cheeps” and a Kiwi “fush n chups”…not that extreme, but the trick is all in the vowels. It’s a fun accent to try to learn! Check out this video to hear what I’m talking about.

It’s been fascinating to see some of the quirks that New Zealanders share with the “Motherland” (Great Britain) but also how different they are on their own little island paradise. Being so far away from the hustle and bustle of the world NZ is often forgotten on world map pictures and some people don’t even realize there are two big islands, plus tiny Stewart Island! I like how the Queen is on all the currency, and their currency is waaay prettier than ours! Plus, they took 1 cent and 5 cent coins out of circulation a long time ago and I love it.

Anyways, Michael is done milking for the season and it won’t get busy again for him until August when calving begins. This will give us some more time to spend out in the field ministry and allow us to take a few days trips to Queenstown, Dunedin, and other hidden gems in Southland. One place we checked out recently was Mavora Lakes. All I can say is wow! There are alot of beautiful places in New Zealand, but this place takes the cake. Quite a few LotR movie scenes were shot in this area, including the end scenes of The Fellowship of the Ring and some long shots of Fangorn Forest. You honestly feel like you stepped into the wilds of Middle Earth!

Dunedin has quickly become one of our favorite day-trip locations because there is so much to see and do in this coastal city and adjacent peninsula. In an upcoming post I’ll tell you all about the many things to do in Dunedin, like the Otago Museum and Butterfly GardenThe Royal Albatross Center, Orokonui Ecosanctuary, where to see Blue Penguins, and more! Queenstown is chock full of things to do, but you can easily become distracted and stare at the surrounding mountains all day. I’ll tell you about the stuff we got up to during our last few trips to QT.  I’m also going fill you in about the food here in NZ….the good, the delicious, and the just plain weird.


My first attempt at Pavlova! Yum!

We have also been busy planning our Last Chance Road Trip 2017! It will be our last opportunity to tour parts of the South Island that we haven’t seen yet…and may never see again! This 9 day road trip will happen in October right before we leave. Here is a sneak peak at some of the stops on the itinerary: a day in Christchurch, Mount Cook National Park, Gemstone Beach, Hokitika Gorge, Pancake Rocks, a few Lord of the Rings Films locations, and more!

So stayed tuned…the weather is getting colder, which means I will be staying inside by the cozy fire and writing 🙂

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Paul and Cindy

    Great to hear you guys are enjoying your adventure. We always look forward to face time with both of you. We miss you and anxiously wait your return home. We love you two, keep safe.

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