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Our NZ Packing List

Leave it to Florida. When we want to leave, a massive storm attempts to foil our plans. Our flight out of Tampa was scheduled to leave at 1:45pm and just as we were boarding the rain started coming down. Tropical storm Hermine was here and ready to party. Thankfully our flight took off on time and was able to skirt around the eastern edge of the storm on the way to Atlanta. Once we reached our connecting gate in the Atlanta airport, we saw Hermine was upgraded to a Category 1 Hurricane. We literally dodged a hurricane. Every flight that left out of Tampa after us was severely delayed.

Hurricane Hermine

Talk about perfect timing!

In regards to our luggage, we successfully packed everything we were planning to take and didn’t go overweight when we checked in! Believe it or not, our huge red suitcases came well within the 50lb weight limit.


However, we have basically zero room for souvenirs in our bags so we may need to ship back our treasures or buy another suitcase. But we will cross that bridge when we get there.

I’ve laid out our packing lists below, along with some pictures so you can see just how we managed to fit everything in and manage to keep organized. I wont lie, Michael kept his wardrobe much more simplified than mine, but I’m happy with what I brought. I don’t feel overpacked nor feel like I’m missing anything that I normally wear. Here’s the breakdown:

Large Suitcase:
Sleeping Bag
Sleeping Mat
Large Cube – 4 Casual T-shirts, 3 workout tops, 3 tank tops, 3 long sleeve tops, 4 dressy blouses, 1 sweater, swim suit (1 top, 2 bottoms)
Medium Cube #1 – 3 dresses, 1 long jumpsuit, 3 skirts
Medium Cube #2 – 2 pants, black wool leggings, athletic shorts, workout capris, 2 shorts, swim shorts
Small Cube – 2 bras, 4 pairs of socks, 10 underwear
XLarge Vacuum Bag – Winter coat, light zip-up jacket, sweater cardigan, wool hats, summer hat

Camera Bag
Toiletries (Michael)
Travel blanket
Water bottle
Microfiber towels
Swim goggles

Black Roller Carry-on:
Portable Air Pump (for vacuum bags)
Croc sandals, hiking boots
Snorkels & Dive masks
NZ Binder and Important Document Folder
5 Clothing hangers & Toiletry organizer (Emily)


Black Roller Carry-on Suitcase

Leather Laptop Bag:
Laptop and charger
iPads and chargers
Car Phone charger
Ministry Tools

Michael’s Clothing List
Sleeping Bag
Sleeping Mat
Camping Tent (2 person)
4 T-shirts
3 Shorts
3 Dress shirts
3 Dress pants
3 Neck ties,
1 Suit jacket
4 Shoes (hiking boots, crocs, dress shoes, running shoes)
1 winter coat

Miscellaneous Gear (spread throughout all our bags)
Petzl Headlamp
Small first-aid kit
Outlet adapter
Steripen (sterilize drinking water while camping)
Microfiber Towels

I cannot stress enough how much we love our packing cubes. These are indispensable when you don’t want the insides of your suitcase to be one big mess. Plus, I think these are what helped us (me) not overpack.

Yep, this would have been me without packing cubes.

We won’t truly know if we over-packed or not until we are a few months into our trip and get a feel for what we truly use. The one thing I do wish I could have brought with me tried to stow-away in our luggage as we were packing. She definitely wouldn’t have made it through customs.

"Can I come too?"

“Can I come too?”

I’m currently working on editing and organizing all of our pictures from our trip to the Great Smoky Mountains. That was a nice change of scenery and we thoroughly enjoyed hiking the trails that Tennessee has to offer. I’ll have that post up hopefully before the end of the week.

We are also getting settled in (for a couple weeks) with the Congregation here in Kenton, Ohio and look forward to helping out in the field ministry as much as possible. They have a huge territory to cover (the entire county) and we are looking forward to even visit with some of the Amish community. So stay tuned!

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