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Swapping Certainty for Surprises

Welcome to our Travel blog/Adventure journal/WordPress baby! Mainly this blog is intended to keep our parent’s minds (and nerves) at ease while we are on the other side of the globe. Cheaper than long distance calling anyways. You’re welcome Mom. So that’s how our site “Meet the Attards” was born.  My husband and I decided to start a small travel blog to record and share our trip to New Zealand with family and friends back home. Before I go to far, BIG shout out here to our awesome friends Danielle and Tyler Ramsey, without whom this site would not exist. They have the amazing gift of explaining simple to complex web stuff to “non-techie” people like me, even when I ask questions that probably most 3rd graders could figure out.

So upon learning of our intended trip, some of those family, friends, and even coworkers responded with:

“Uh, WHERE are you going?!”

“You do know that’s on the other side of the globe, right?”

“Why do you need to go all the way to New Zealand?”

“Seriously? Oh.”

We knew we would get a few of those responses, and that’s ok. Mostly we have received wonderful support and encouragement. So, to answer the “why” questions, there are a few reasons we are taking such a big trip. Some of the amazing opportunities are to:

– Travel to different congregations across NZ to help in the field ministry and conduct free Bible studies

– Experience a different culture outside our own

– Explore the amazing landscapes and beauty of NZ, plus all the LoTR film locations and Hobbiton (duh, we will be in Middle Earth!)

– Take advantage of the Working Holiday Visa and spend a year working on farms, vineyards, kiwi fruit orchards, hospitality….really whatever we want to do. For more info on the details on what a working holiday visa is, click here.

– And lastly, why not go on a HUGE trip before mortgage payments, careers, kids, and life in general make it difficult to even take a full 2 week vacation?

Now, that’s not to say once you have those things you can never go on a big adventure, it’s just more difficult to do so. Those are some of the sacrifices we have decided to make to take this trip now. We moved back in with parents temporarily to save over the 9 months leading up to our trip. Yeah, we heard some “You’re moving back in with your parents?!” Again, temporary sacrifice.

Both of us will technically have to resign at our places of employment before our trip (*gasp*). Scary thought at first, but both of us are ready to get out of the retail management/retail banking world. Plus, all the experiences we will have after we return are worth way more to us than pursuing a corporate ladder job of 70 hour work weeks and acting out the “Hang in There, Baby” cat poster from the 1970s.

So feel free to check out our blog ( and follow along on our adventure. We will be sharing our experiences, photos, along with tips and strategies on how we put together a trip this extensive (lots of Pinterest surfing involved). At the end of it all, we hope you catch the travel bug like we did and start working towards your own adventure. Enjoy!


Emily & Michael

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