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Today is the Day!

We leave Ohio this afternoon and land in Vancouver by dinnertime their time. The first step of this trip will be taken and a million more will follow as we embark on this grand adventure. The culmination of almost 2 year of researching, planning, praying, saving, and researching some more have led up to this day. We are as excited as we were on our wedding day!

Our time here has been relaxing. For me it’s always nostalgic.Cuddling with our Ohio critters. Fried green tomatoes made by mom (hers are the best). Driving past the brand new K-12 school for the Ridgemont School District. The old elementary school has been torn down. Parts of the old high school are left for event purposes. Stopping in for a bite at Jitterz in Kenton and the owner still remembering me from over 10 years ago. It’s the same coffee shop that my best friend and I would visit on a weekly basis before school started. Now I feel old.

I did get to take Michael to the Hardin County Fair on one of the last days. Sorry Hernando Co. FL, you’ve got nothing compared to the county fairs in the midwest. It was nice to remember some of my childhood showing pigs and horses, running around like a crazy kid for a week, performing in the H.S. Marching Band Show, eating fair food, and loving every minute of it. There were not as many steers and dairy cows as in years past, but I found out that is due to the cost of raising them has sky rocketed. (Now you know why beef and milk is so expensive!) I was really happy to see improved stalls in the horse barn and every stall was full, although we did miss the horse show on Saturday 🙁

Some of our time here was spent out in the ministry. We made some wonderful new friends and look forward to hearing from them during our travels. The Kingdom Hall in Kenton is the only one in the entire county! It’s a pretty big territory for one hall, but we could tell they really loved meeting and talking with people in their community. We didn’t get a chance to visit with any Amish, but we did buy some authentic Amish baked goodies before we left Ohio. For our Florida friends, Amish pies are 100x better than even a Publix pie. Just speakin’ the truth.

Michael and I also were able to spend some time with my best friend and her husband. They just bought their first house in Westerville, Ohio and couldn’t be more excited for them. We played disc golf in a nearby park and on a separate occasion we had dinner at German restaurant called Wurst and Bier (highly recommend) and topped off the evening next door at Level One. You have to be 21 or older to get in, but it’s basically a classic arcade with a bar equipped with everything from pinball machines, skeeball, and any old-school arcade game you remember playing. Tron. Mortal Kombat. PacMan. Frogger. Galaga. Space Invaders. Qbert. X-men. TMNT (Michael and I kicked butt on this one!) and the list goes on! All the games are free except the pinball  machines which will cost you 50 cents to play. Still totally worth it.

We had such a wonderful time in Ohio visiting with family, meeting up with old friends and making some new ones. This was the entire point of coming back for a few weeks. Quality time with ones we love. We have set up Skype with our parents and will use facetime on our iPhones when we can, but it’s not the same as being able to give that person a good hug when you miss them. That’s why we plan on making short pit-stop in Ohio on our way back to Florida.

Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

Our adventure is just beginning. This is the biggest thing we have ever done individually or as a couple. We will face challenges and we will experience victories. We will do our best to keep you posted every step of the way…well, as long as we have reliable internet!


3 thoughts on “Today is the Day!

  1. Vickie Demmitt

    WHAAAAAA!!!!! I miss you ALREADY! But, I also have that little voice: I wish I had done THAT! Safe travels Emily & Michael……I love you SO MUCH! 🙂

  2. Tina

    Prayers for you both. I’m so glad we got to spend some time together. I can’t even imagine all the new experiences you will face! I miss you already! My rotor blades will be whooping right along with your Mom’s!

  3. Carla Houle

    Bon voyage!!! We are so excited for you guys and look forward to following you on your adventure!! Hugs and kisses and travel safe…

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